Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee of the School of Engineering Education provides leadership in setting the direction, policies, and procedures for the development and improvement of the School's graduate program. Members of the Committee represent the voice of the program’s faculty and student body and provide expertise on Purdue systems and policies as well as program development. As part of a collective goal within the School, we aspire to enable (1) students’ success in the program, (2) a vibrant intellectual and social community, and (3) networking within and beyond Purdue University.

The Graduate Committee interfaces with a variety of groups and individuals, including the College of Engineering (Engineering Curriculum Committee, Graduate Chairs Committee, and ABET accreditation), the University (Graduate School, regional accreditation agency, and Alumni Relations), and student organizations (ENE Graduate Student Association, Graduate Student Advisory Committee, and ASEE Student Chapter).

The Graduate Committee seeks to be efficient, effective, transparent, and inclusive in carrying out the following activities (see figure on following page):

  • Program administration: attend meetings at the College and/or University level, monitor and provide feedback on college and university policies, and manage and review official program policies.
  • Recruitment: provide information on the program (e.g., policies, courses, FAQ’s) and students through written, oral, or web-based materials that is disseminated within and outside of Purdue.
  • Admissions: recruit and admit applicants to the program including coordination with the Graduate School, match new students with an advisor, support the preparation of offer letters, liaison with other programs that provide funding offers, and nominate students for selected merit or need-based fellowships.
  • Support: orient incoming students including providing information about the program, supporting students through program milestones, development and refinement of program policies, assistance and signatures associated with official program and university policies, nominating and reviewing for discovery / learning / engagement awards, representation at graduation ceremonies, and exit interviews to enable alumni relations and accreditation reports
  • Course development and approval:  monitor course development and approve course proposals, monitor formal review of courses at the college and university level, and approve specializations that link engineering education to other Purdue programs.
  • Accreditation:  create and implement procedures to document quality and impact of program, prepare reports for accrediting agencies, and conduct reviews to improve program quality.