Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Graduate School Manual on Policies and Procedures provides a summary of the regulations regarding student rights and responsibilities, including:

  • Student conduct and rights of appeal
  • Appeals of disciplinary decisions involving student misconduct
  • Appeals concerning academic standards
  • Grades
  • Departmental graduate examination committee decisions
  • Graduate School approved examination committee decisions
  • Integrity in research
  • Rights to privacy
  • Harassment
  • Work loads of students with graduate staff appointments

Some of these are based on Graduate Council documents; others have been established within the University but outside of the Graduate School.  The publication, Graduate Education at Purdue University, prepared by an ad hoc committee of the Graduate Council, is available for all degree-seeking graduate students. This document of "best practices" for graduate study at Purdue University is designed to help students know what to expect and to help advisors and departments provide an environment for success during their students' graduate education.