August 14, 2023

EEE Computer Lab in POTR 360

The EEE Computer Lab is available for all EEE students and is located in POTR 360; next door to the main EEE office. See attached agreement for student conduct and use protocols.  
Key Pad Entry Code – 389426 - which corresponds to “FuZhao” for Dr. Zhao, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering.
EEE maintains this computer center for academic & social activities. Its use is a privilege reserved for EEE students and those enrolled in EEE courses to work, study, and access dedicated EEE computers. There are 12 desktop computers with internet access and a printer/scanner. The room contains additional tables, chairs, and whiteboards.
Hand sanitizer has been placed by each computer station.
In general, be respectful to others and the property.  Always log off of computers before leaving the room.  Do not lock a computer for later use.  Do not move or alter any of the computer systems.
If you wish to place items on the wall, ask in the EEE Office for appropriate tacky putty.  (No tape or staples.)
Use discretion when determining if to print and how many copies to print.
Please report any room or equipment issues to

PUBH 590, Fall 2023

Dr. Jabson Tree is offering a new advanced methods course for graduate students. Students should have completed previous graduate level introductory coursework in methods.
Please see the attachment for more details.

Fall 2023 Candidacy

Please email if you would like to be listed as a Candidate for graduation in Fall 2023.
If you are planning to graduate in Fall 2023, please have your finalized Plan of Study submitted with all signatures and approvals prior to the start of the Fall 2023 semester.
If there are any questions about Candidacy or the Plan of Study, please email

Fall 2023 Research Registration

PhD and MS thesis students are required to enroll in thesis research each semester. If you need to register for research credits, please sign up for credits before the start of the Fall 2023 semester.
Registering for research credits involves a three-step process. More information about these steps may be found here.

Fall 2023 Course Registration

The Schedule of Classes for Fall 2023 was published on Monday, March 13th, 2023.

Graduate and Professional students may register for Fall now until the start of the semester.

More information about Fall 2023 Add-Drop dates may be found here.

Registration Help

Having trouble registering, adding, or dropping? Need an override for a class? Please see below for resources:

The Registrar page also has links for most common registration issues, which may be found here.

EEE Student News Submisssion

Have you accomplished something noteworthy (award, scholarship/fellowship, publication, poster presentation, internship, full-time job) that you’d like to share with EEE? Please send Jess Mehr the basic info, high-quality photo, and a quote about your honor and she will likely (not guaranteed) promote it on social media or choose to write an article for the web site.
Please see the attachment for more details.


If you have questions related to the EEE Graduate Program, please e-mail