EEE Combined Degree Program

EEE Senior Jesse Hamm will be graduating in December 2016 with his bachelor of science, but he won't be leaving Purdue's West Lafayette campus. Instead, he will be staying to earn his Master's degree in just one additional year.

Jesse is enrolled in EEE’s combined degree program, which allowed him to earn nine hours of graduate credit counting toward his graduate degree while still an undergraduate student. Approved in spring 2016, the combined degree program provides a student with the opportunity to focus on a specific area of interest while enhancing the EEE undergraduate degree.

Hamm (pictured left) is pursuing the combined degree program because he had unanswered questions about his career path in environmental engineering. “I feel like the additional time dedicated to formal education will help me become a more competent engineer,” he explained. “I am personally tailoring my plan of study to focus on water and pollution prevention. I hope to join a research team next semester to see if that is the direction I want to go after earning my Master’s.”

One obstacle Hamm has encountered in the combined degree program is time management. Though challenging, he sees this as an area for growth while gaining valuable knowledge. “If students are interested in continuing their education, I recommend they apply to the combined degree program,” said Hamm. “It is a great way for them to experience graduate school, and there is no down side.”

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