Graduate Program

The numbers for the first year of the EEE graduate program are in and a combined degree program was recently approved.

As mentioned in the last newsletter (Fall 2015) the EEE Graduate Program was approved in August 2015.  For Fall 2016 admission there were:

-   131 submitted applications of which 64 where female

-   45 offers were made

-   As of April 1 eight offers had been accepted

This was all with no advertising of the program!

In addition, a combined degree program was approved in Spring 2016.  A combined degree program allows undergraduate students at Purdue in various disciplines (ABE, ChE, CE, EEE, MSE, NRES) to enroll in 9 graduate level credits during the course of their BS degree.  This 9 graduate credits can be dual counted for both BS and MS in EEE.  The objective of the combined degree program is to allow Purdue students, in the above mentioned disciplines, to receive a master’s degree in environmental and ecological engineering with one additional year at Purdue.