Nien-Hwa Linda Wang

Norman and Jane Li Professorship in Chemical Engineering

FRNY 1015
Purdue University
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering
Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
480 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2100
(765) 494-4081 (office)
(765) 494-0805 (fax)
Joined Purdue in 1980
B.S. National Taiwan University, 1971
M.S. University of Wyoming, 1973
Ph.D University of Minnesota, 1978

Research Interests

Wang Research Group

Professor Wang's research interests are in chemical and biochemical separations. Current projects are focused on adsorption and chromatography processes, which are highly selective and versatile techniques capable of producing pure materials of uniform size, shape, composition, and surface properties. The goals of her research are to understand the kinetics and equilibrium of competitive adsorption at liquid-solid interfaces and to develop novel, economical large scale adsorption processes. Various theoretical analyses, computer simulations, and experimental studies are used to address these key issues. In collaboration with industry and national laboratories, her research group is developing novel large scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography processes for the recovery of nonbiodegradable chemicals from waste streams and a variety of biochemicals including sugars, antibiotics, anticancer drugs, amino acids, peptides, and proteins from biological sources. Analysis based on the concept of standing concentration waves has been developed to facilitate the design and optimization of multiple system and operating parameters in SMB systems for multicomponent fractionation. Computer simulations based on a detailed parallel pore and surface diffusion model have been developed to understand the transient wave propagation and its relation to port movement frequency and intra-column and extra-column mass transfer effects. A systematic SMB design and optimization method based on the standing wave analysis has been established. A versatile simulated moving bed pilot plant has been developed and tested for multi-component separation.

Research Group

Graduate Students

  • Che-Yi Chou
  • Yi Ding
  • Clayton Gentilcore
  • Kai Jin

Research Associates

  • Daniel Hasler
  • Dr. Gozdem Kilaz
  • Dr. Petr Vozka
  • Dr. Yang Xiao

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Charles Geraci

Selected Publications

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"Two-zone ligand-assisted displacement chromatography for producing high-purity praseodymium, neodymium, and dysprosium with high yield and high productivity from crude mixtures derived from waste magnets," Ding, Y., Harvey, D., and Wang, N.-H. L., Green Chemistry, (2020).

"Conversion of polyethylene waste into clean fuels and waxes via hydrothermal processing (HTP)," Jin, K., Vozka, P., Kilaz, G., Chen, W.-T., & Wang, N.-H. L., Fuel, 273, 117726 (2020).

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