Kelly Lecture Series

The Davidson School of Chemical Engineering Kelly Lecture series was established by a grant from alumnus Arthur Kelly (BSChE ‘24) in 1956. Kelly was a retired Executive Vice-President and Director of B.F. Goodrich Co. He received an honorary doctorate from Purdue in 1961. The Kelly Lectures are presented annually by outstanding engineers and scientists from the broad areas of chemical engineering. The recipients are selected by the faculty in recognition of their contributions to research and education. Past Kelly Lecturers include legendary figures in chemical engineering and two Nobel laureates.

2023 Kelly Lecture

Dr. Zhenan Bao
K.K Lee Professor of Chemical Engineering, & by courtesy:
Professor Chemistry & Professor of Material Science and Engineering
Director of Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiative (eWEAR),
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Stanford University






Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
3:00 – 4:15 pm, FRNY G140


Tuesday, March 28, 2023
2:30pm, Henson Atrium

Functional Dynamic Polymer Networks

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
9:00 – 10:15 am, FRNY 3059

Previous Kelly Lectures in Chemical Engineering

2020   Juan de Pablo                                                            
2019   Klavs F. Jensen   2014   Enrique Iglesia
2018   James C. Liao   2013   Michael F. Doherty
2017   Thomas F. Edgar   2012   James Dumesic
2016   Kristi S. Anseth   2011   Stanley I. Sandler
2015   Nicholas A. Peppas   2010   Rakesh Jain
2009   Carol K. Hall 2004   William B. Russel
2008   Pablo Debenedetti 2003    Gregory Stephanopoulos
2007   Manfred Morari 2002   Mark E. Davis
2006   Frances H. Arnold 2001   Gerhard Ertl
2005   Special Symposium
Celebrating 40 years
Frank S. Bates
Alexis T. Bell
Ignacio E. Grossmann
Michael L. Shuler
James Wei 
2000   Robert A. Brown
1999   George Stephanopoulos   1994   W. Harmon Ray
1998   Matthew Tirrell   1993   Arthur W. Westerberg
1997   Lanny D. Schmidt   1992   Robert S. Langer
1996   John H. Seinfeld   1991   Reuel Shinnar
1995   Douglas A. Lauffenburger   1990   H. Ted Davis
1989   E.N. Lightfoot   1984   Wolfgang M.H. Sachtler
1988   Edward L. Cussler   1983   Thomas J. Hanratty
1987   Morton M. Denn   1982   William R. Schowalter
1986   Alan S. Michaels   1981   Neal R. Amundson
1985   Benjamin G. Levich   1980   Paul J. Flory
1979   Warren E. Stewart   1974    John M. Prausnitz
1978   James J. Carberry   1973   Andreas Acrivos
1977   Rutherford Aris   1972   Robert L. Pigford
1976   Arthur E. Humphery   1971   Charles N. Satterfield
1975   Michel Boudart   1970   L.E. Scriven
1969   C. Judson King
1968   R. Byron Bird
1966   Arthur B. Metzner
1965   Warren L. McCabe