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Message From the Head

The new school year is upon us and it truly feels like the Purdue University campus that I have known and grown to love. For the first time since 2019, the opening of the school year was not met with, at best, cautious optimism, but a true sense of joy and excitement.

Engineering 3D City Models

Purdue researchers are using images taken from space to recreate picture-perfect 3-D models of cities. Through the collection of spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial images, Lyles School of Civil Engineering faculty and students have developed the capability to produce large-scale city models using 3D point clouds.

Concrete Improvements

In both its makeup and durability, Purdue University is researching how to improve concrete.

Redefining Flood Zones

Flood risk determination in the United States needs far greater attention to the details, Purdue University researchers say. Venkatesh Merwade, Professor of Civil Engineering with courtesy appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, leads a research team that aims to improve flood modeling and prediction for the United States.

Hazards Lurk in Fresh-Scented Cleaning Products

The fresh-scented products used to clean our homes and offices come with risks to our respiratory health. The chemicals used to create scents such as lemon and pine pollute indoor air with nano-sized particles in similar ways that motor emissions affect the air we breathe outdoors, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances.

Tree Segmentation

What if we could map every tree on the planet? It's a question that drives the work of Joshua Carpenter (MS '20), a PhD student and researcher in the Geospatial Data Science Lab supervised by Jinha Jung, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering.

A Multidisciplinary Effort

A multidisciplinary effort between Purdue University's Lyles School of Civil Engineering and the Departments of Agronomy and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences aims to contribute to the design of practical engineering solutions for the safe long-term management of Canada’s oil sands tailings ponds.

Improving Inventory Estimates

Through the implementation of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Purdue University researchers seek to greatly improve the stockpile volume estimation in salt barn facilities.

Building a Better World

Purdue Civil Engineering is often the first choice for its students. For alumnus Drake Krohn, it was his only choice.
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