Planned Gifts

Some gifts to the Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering might require assistance to execute. Use this website to explore those options. As always, the School's development team is always ready and willing to assist you!


An endowment is a gift held in perpetuity and invested in a manner that protects the principal from inflation. The investment income provides a stable funding source for such purposes as scholarships, professorships, lecture series, and research centers.

The Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering has received numerous endowment gifts. For more information, access the School of Civil Engineering Endowment Lists below, or e-mail Eric Putman at

Current endowments:

  • Endowed Undergraduate and Professional Program Scholarships
  • Other Endowed Awards and Positions

Memorial Gifts

A gift in memory of a favorite professor, relative, student, or friend is a thoughtful and meaningful way to recognize someone's life and accomplishments. For more information, e-mail Heidi Faith at


We realize that, as you consider a bequest to the School, you must balance your family's needs, your personal lifestyle, and your financial resources with your love for the University and your wish to contribute to its preeminence.

Keeping this balance requires careful planning, and the Planned Giving Office at Purdue stands ready to help you make the most informed decision possible. Planned giving provides you with the options and opportunities to include support of the School in your overall financial and estate plans. Bequests are generally gifts or commitments made in the present with the benefit to the School "deferred" until a future date. However, bequests may include outright gifts of appreciated property (securities and real estate) or gifts of tangible personal property.

For more information on bequest options, contact Eric Putman at

Property/Real Estate

A residence, farm, vacation home, or other real estate may be given to the Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering. A gift of real estate can make the full value of your property available and offer a variety of economic advantages, while leaving a lasting legacy at the School. The School will carefully evaluate each potential gift of land to make sure it will advance the School's mission.

For more information, e-mail Eric Putman at


These gifts can include anything from gifts of personal property, books, or artwork.

To learn more about the benefits of making a Gift-in-Kind, email Heidi Faith at

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