April 23, 2021

Troy Tonner, Chaela Minor: College recognizes top students during Spring Awards Banquet

“Regardless of whether you win, your nomination puts you in rare air, in the company of the very best in our college,” said Plaut. “I know that you have worked hard for this and hard for the things you believe in. Whether you are being recognized for academic excellence, leadership or mentoring, you have made a difference.”
April 6, 2021

Professor Mohit Verma: Purdue professor tackles bovine respiratory disease with over $1 million in grant support

“Bovine respiratory disease is a complex syndrome with multiple infectious agents, including bacteria and viruses,” Verma said. “And the emergence of antibiotic resistance has definitely complicated this issue. But I feel confident we can develop biosensors that can be used in the field that determine which pathogen is present. Biosensors are low-cost and user-friendly. Since our biosensors incorporate most of the complexity within the device, users will require minimal training. With support from FFAR and our industrial partners we will be able to create a diagnostic solution that will reduce losses, improve productivity and reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance.”
March 30, 2021

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Program Earns Top Ranking

“The College of Agriculture celebrates the number one ranking our graduate agricultural and biological engineering program has earned. I thank the dedicated faculty and staff members, led by Nate Mosier, for their commitment to graduate education and for their advancement of innovative and globally-renowned research,” said Karen Plaut, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture.
March 9, 2021

Professors Saraswat, Buckmaster, Cherkauer, and Chaterji: National Needs Fellowship (NNF) Program

Professor Dharmendra Saraswat is the principal investigator for a new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) National Needs Fellowship (NNF) to a total of six incoming MS students, two each starting Fall 2021, 2022, and 2023. These awards provide support to complete a research-based MS degree in Data Science and Engineering within ABE.
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