October 19, 2020

Professor Andrea Vacca: Recently appointed ABE endowed chair knows what makes good research run

“Fluid power is very interdisciplinary. A single faculty member cannot have all the necessary expertise, which is why collaboration is key for success in this field,” Vacca said. “Purdue is an optimal environment for establishing this collaboration. Most departments in the colleges of agriculture and engineering are top ranked in the country and attract the best research scholars. My work has greatly benefited from this kind of cross-collaboration.”
September 25, 2020

Sarah Daly: Schmidt Science Fellows Nominees Announced

Sarah Daly, a recent Ph.D. graduate in agricultural and biological engineering, is tackling the dual issues of renewable energy and waste management. Her recent work used machine learning to model anaerobic digestion systems and examined large-scale implementation. Her future work aims to investigate the microbial response to microplastics, ultimately contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, and the development of targeted biological systems to degrade plastics.
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