Machine Systems Engineering

The Machine Systems Engineering (MSE) concentration within Agricultural Engineering prepares professional engineers for rewarding careers focusing on the systems, processes, and machines that are used to generate, transport, or utilize energy, food, and water. This program provides students with background in mechanical design, hydraulics, instrumentation and control, finite element analysis, electronics and sensors to design, develop, analyze and operate machines and systems for agricultural and biological products and processes, materials handling, construction and mining, forestry, lawn-and ground-care, and food and fiber production and processing. These machines and systems are among the most advanced in the world, with satellite position auto guidance accuracy to 1 cm on varied terrain. Biotech is being developed to monitor plant and seed DNA onboard for national security and high value pharmacological crops. Activities within MSE include: Autonomous and Drive-By-Wire Technologies for Vehicles; Controls and Controller Algorithms, Electronics and Actuator Systems for Machines; Electro Hydraulics and Feedback Control Systems; Electromagnetic Devices for Sensing Technology; Finite Element Analysis; Hybrid Vehicles; Machine Vision; Machinery for Bioenergy Crop Production; and Sensor Development for Agricultural Automation Applicable to Robotics and Farm Machinery.


Abstracts From Recent Graduate Student Research

Our Machine Systems Faculty are involved in a number of projects including:

  • Dennis Buckmaster - Mobile Computing Technologies to Enable More Efficient Water Management Decisions in the Field
  • Monika Ivantysynova - Energy Saving Actuator & Drive Technology for Advanced Multi-Functional Agricultural Machinery
  • John Lumkes - The Development of Sensors and Systems for Increasing Productivity in Agricultural Applications