Fluid Power

Fluid power is a $33 billion industry worldwide. Industry areas include aerospace, agriculture, construction, health care, manufacturing, mining and transportation. Fluid-power technology encompasses most applications that use liquids or gases to transmit power in the form of pressurized fluid. The complexity of these systems ranges from a simple hydraulic jack used to lift a car when replacing a tire to sophisticated airplane flight control actuators that rely on high-pressure hydraulic systems. Other topics include Advanced Transmission Concepts, Computer-Based Optimization of Postive Displacement Pumps and Motors; Drive Line Control; Energy-Saving Actuators; Modeling; Multi-Domain Simulation; and System Design.


Abstracts From Recent Graduate Student Research

Our Fluid Power Faculty are involved in a number of projects including:

  • Monika Ivantysynova - Energy Saving Actuator & Drive Technology for Advanced Multi-Functional Agricultural Machinery
  • John Lumkes - The Development of Sensors and Systems for Increasing Productivity in Agricultural Applications