Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering offers a unique perspective on environmental management that cannot be gained through other engineering or agricultural programs. Our agricultural training provides us with insight into the many issues and problems faced by food producers and those who protect the environment. As engineers we are uniquely trained to analyze problems, review options, and design site-specific solutions. Research topics include Air Quality; Agricultural Dust, Gases, and Odors; Ecological Engineering; Geographic Information Systems; Hydrology; Irrigation; Large-Scale Data Analysis; Livestock Waste and Odor Control; Remote Sensing; Soil Erosion; Water Resources; Drainage; and Water Quality Modeling.


Abstracts From Recent Graduate Student Research

Our Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering Faculty are involved in a number of projects including:

  • Keith A. Cherkauer - The Hydrologic Consequences of Environmental Change in the Wabash River Basin
  • Indrajeet Chaubey - Impact of biofeedstock production on hydrology/water quality in midwest and southeast USA
  • Indrajeet Chaubey - Development Of Drought Triggers For Agricultural Applications
  • Bernard Engel - Multiobjective Watershed Management Support System for Spatial Allocation of Agricultural Conservation Practices
  • Jane Frankenberger - Water quality impacts of conservation practices for subsurface-drained agricultural watersheds
  • Al Heber - Systems for Controlling Air Pollutant Emissions and Indoor Environments of Poultry, Swine, and Dairy Facilities
  • Al Heber - Sustainable Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Northeast Dairy Farms
  • Rabi Mohtar - Characterization and Modeling of the Multi-Scale Hydrology System