ASPIRE Students

2021 ASPIRE Students

Natasha Abraham, Team Soyrenity

John Mutter, Team Soyrenity

Natasha Abraham
Biological Engineering/Pharmaceutical Processing
Team Soyrenity

Overall, I thought the ASPIRE Internship was a great experience. I learned a lot about what it takes to get a startup company going. The exercises were engaging and were helpful for when we were trying to put together our presentation. It was also helpful to be in a group where other students were in a similar boat; they also had new and interesting products but weren't too sure what the next steps were.

I learned a lot from my peers - things Soyrenity should and shouldn't do in the future. I will say it was difficult trying to make sure we met all the requirements (more specifically customer discovery), but this might have been because of what our product is. However, this pushed us to think outside of the box so we could actually do what we needed to do. I think this would be a great opportunity for those who are interested in the Soy Competition.  It was a great learning experience, and it could be helpful if they wanted to do the Soy Competition again. 

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! 

John Mutter
Chemical Engineering
Team Soyrenity

I really enjoyed participating in this years ASPIRE Internship. I think the most valuable and enjoyable part was getting feedback from the cohort and presenting to them.  I also enjoyed seeing what the other student teams had developed and how they decided to present their product/idea to the group.  I would totally recommend this Internship to fellow soy completion students, because I know I learned a lot from it.

Thank you.