ABE Probation Policy

Purdue Probation Criteria

As of Fall 2015, Purdue University has updated its student probation policy (University Regulations). Students who receive either a semester or cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 will be placed on academic probation. Students must have both their semester and cumulative GPA above 2.0 to be placed back on Good Academic Standing.

ABE’s Probation Policy

ABE is committed to helping students succeed. Being placed on academic probation is serious but with careful reflection and a dedicated plan of action, students can continue their academic success. The policy is just one aspect of the process to help students get back on track and be successful.

  1. The student will receive an e-mail from the College of Agriculture detailing the steps they need to take now that they are on probation. In it, there will be a link to the Academic Intervention Assessment. The student must complete this before they can meet with their advisor.
  2. The student will be emailed reminders within two weeks to remind them to finish the assessment
  3. The advisor will review the assessment and other relevant student information (transcripts, MyPurduePlan, physical file, etc.) to acclimate themselves to the student’s prior and current academic context.
  4. The student will schedule an appointment with their advisor to go over the assessment within two weeks of the start of the semester they are on probation.
  5. The student and advisor will brainstorm and create a plan of action detailing steps the student will take to recover and get off probation at the end of the semester.
  6. Based on the agreed upon action plan, the student will check in once a month to make sure the due dates are being met and their current performance are updated to the advisor.

Probation Policy Timeframe

The following is a general timeframe used by the College of Agriculture detailing the probation process. The timing and conditions are subject to change.

2 weeks after grades posted

Student receives emails with academic intervention assessment

3 weeks after grades posted

ABE Academic Advisor emails probation student reminder to complete assessment if not taken yet

4 weeks after grades post

Student deadline to complete intervention survey

1 week before semester starts

ABE Advisor emails student to make an appointment to go over assessment and probation status

End of 2nd week of semester

Student deadline to meet with ABE advisor

During student meeting

ABE Advisor & student review intervention survey responses

ABE Advisor locks results

ABE Probation Policy Student Expectations

ABE is committed to helping students with any issue that may arise. The policy above outlines a process in which students who are on probation can take the steps to get back into good, academic standing. However, if the policy is not followed, consequences including restriction of times when they can meet with the advisor for registration appointments or withholding of the student’s PIN number until the student meets with the advisor to begin the steps for probation can be implemented. Non-participation in ABE’s Probation Policy will influence readmission decisions.