November 2020 ABeNotes

November 2020 Alumni News

Jonathan Landes (BS '95, MS '98), a 2011 Outstanding ABE Alum, is the President Subsea at TechnipFMC. They were awarded a significant Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCC) contract in October. Congratulations to Jon and his team!

Anthony Ruberti (2014) was featured in the Contech Engineered Solutions employee spotlight in October. 

Carlos Campabadal (PhD 2011), Kansas State International Grains Program, was featured in the IGP Fall 2020 AgReport.

Jacob Niemeier ('12), Vera Aqua Vera Vita founder and executive director, was featured in a SHOUTOUT DFW article last month.

Lindsay Birt (PhD '12) was a panelist for "Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Societies Case Study", a session in Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC).

Nan Hammel ('10) sent us an update on her work in the Dominican Republic.

Carlington Wallace (PhD '16) is the guest editor for a special Issue of AgriEngineering, "Agricultural Water Quality: Watershed Model".

Cibin Raj (PhD '13) and Femeena Pandara Valappil (PhD '19)  welcomed Dia Cibin on October 24 at 12 pm. Dia weighed in at 8.8 lbs and is 21 inches tall. Both mother and baby are doing great. Congratulations!

Our alumni make us look good! I've been trying to catch things on LinkedIn - please send me a heads-up so I don't miss yours!

November 2020 AgrAbility

Indiana AgrAbility, Indiana Farmer Veteran Coalition, and the Indiana AgVets Project sponsored a Veteran Farmer Workshop and Indiana AgVet Update at the Beck Agriculture Center on October 22, 2020.  The workshop provided all of the sponsoring programs to update the attending veterans on their services plus presentations from Natural Resources Conservation Service, Purdue Extension Services, SARE, Life Essentials equipment, and time to network and share a meal. 

Steve Swain, Indiana AgrAbility assistive technology specialist, attended the monthly Joining Community Forces of Indiana Zoom call.  Over 40 veteran service organizations were on the call to present their programs and any upcoming events for veterans.  Mr. Swain spoke about the Veteran Farmer Workshop and Indiana AgVet Update to be held the next week.

Steve Swain, Indiana AgrAbility assistive technology specialist, attended the Zoom meeting of the Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services Home Modification Workgroup which includes farm assessors as well as home modification assessors.  The meeting updated assessors on policy and procedure changes and clarifications and documents to assist assessors and VR counselors with the modification process.

November 2020 Faculty News

Professors Dennis Buckmaster and Mohit Verma were featured in an interview with Professor and Department Head Nathan Mosier for Purdue Engineering podcasts. They represent us well!

Professor Dennis Buckmaster is featured on the next episode of "Digging Into the Data Pipeline", tomorrow, November 12, at 12:30 pm. Registration is

Professor Andrea Vacca's appointment as the Maha Fluid Power Faculty Chair was ratified last month. Congratulations, Dr. Vacca!

Professor Jian Jin's LeafSpec was recognized as an AE50 winner for 2021. The award, sponsored by ASABE's Resource magazine, recognizes the top innovative new products in ag technology produced in 2020. Outstanding, Dr. Jin!

Professor Dennis Buckmaster is on the Q&A panel for Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production Tuesday, November 17, at 1 pm, as well as being one of the authors of the accompanying paper.  Join the Council for Agricultural Sciences & Technology for this free webinar.

Professor Emeritus Gary Krutz's kids built him a safe Halloween candy slide, so, naturally, he had to test it beforehand!



November 2020 Graduate Student News

Two of Professor Nadia Gkritza's grad students received special recognition in October. Sarah Adsit (left) and Arianna Rambaram (right) were awarded fellowships by the Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program (DDETFP) for this academic year. The program is administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Universities and Grants Program, providing competitive fellowships to students in transportation-related disciplines. Congratulations to Dr. Gkritza and her students!

Publications 2020 - November

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November 2020 Staff News

Mandy Limiac is the new undergraduate lab coordinator in ABE!


Most of us already know Mandy, as she has been working as the lab manager in Dr. Sara McMillan’s research team for the past several years. Dr. Nathan Mosier "introduced" Mandy to the faculty and staff, "I know that Dr. McMillan and her team are sad to see her go, but are glad that it’s not too far!" Dr. McMillan's loss is definitely ABE students' gain!

Moving Day is approaching!

We are in the final days of our wonderful time in Lilly Hall and are making preparations to move back to the ABE Building and the new addition! If you haven't already started packing - what're you waiting for? Boxes, packing tape, and labels are available from Becky and Dr. Mosier reminds you that we will leave nothing behind except for furniture. Stan Harlow can provide you with a detailed drawing of your office and lab. Please email him and include the office number and lab number.

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