Scholarship Information for Current Students

ABE Scholarships

Agricultural & Biological Engineering (ABE) awards over $50,000 in scholarships to our students annually. We encourage you to apply!

How to Apply:

ABE uses the University Wide Application System, which allows you to fill out one application and be considered for all ABE and College of Agriculture scholarships (the College of Engineering has not adapted to this application yet). An overview of the Application, a Worksheet to get you prepared, and the application are available at the College of Agriculture Scholarship website.

  1. When you are ready to start, click the "Scholarship Application" tab on that page.
  2. After reading the instructions, move to this link: College of Agriculture: Question List (Note that the dates on this worksheet show last year, but the questions are the same for 2014-15.)
  3. After answering the questions, move to the application: Purdue University Scholarship Application (Select "College of Agriculture Biological Engineering")
  4. Enter your Career Account and Password and click the "log-in" (Remember your session expires after 60 minutes so save your information periocially.)

Note: "Current Students" include First Year Engineering students who plan to join ABE. First Year Engineering Students - You have one more step to complete an ABE Application, click here.

When to Apply:

The application is typically available for 2 months starting in December and the application deadline is February 1. Watch the College of Agriculture Scholarship website for availability.

Who Sponsors ABE Scholarships:

Many of our Scholarship Sponsors are companies who hire our students or faculty, alumni and friends of the department who want to help us recruit and retain the best students.

Unless noted on the scholarship, you do not need to apply for each ABE scholarship. Filling out the application (above) will allow the ABE Selection Committee to determine scholarships that fit your qualifications.

Other ABE Scholarships

Occasionally we have scholarships where the sponsor would like to be involved in the selection process. When we get this type of scholarship, we post them and email you about this opportunity. Many times, we will use the electronic application (above), and may add a few "extras", such as an essay. We would encourage you to consider scholarships.


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