Abhijeet Paul

Surface and transport oreintation on P-type Nanowire FETs

Performance of Trigated Silicon Nanowire pMOSFETs : Surface and Orientation dependence Abhijeet Paul, Saumitra Mehrotra, Mathieu Luisier and Gerhard Klimeck


  • Study performance of SiNW pMOSFETs.
  • Study impact of surface and transport orientation.


Self-Consistent Scheme
  • Electronic Structure: 10 band sp3s* Tight-binding model with spin-orbit (SO) coupling.
  • Transport Model:Ballistic Top of the Barrier model to calculate Ids.


  • Channel orientation is more important in nanowire FETs compared to surfaces.
  • Need to move to other channel materials like Ge to further improve ION in PMOSFETs.
  • Results presented in the 8th WMED conference, 2009, at Boise, Idaho. [P108].


<110> channel device with maximum number of [110] surfaces shows maximum ION.
Comparison of 1D charge and carrier velocity Vinj at VGS = VDD.
  • Charge controlled by number of [110] surfaces.
  • Higher Vinj for <110> orientation

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