Abhijeet Paul

Analysis of thermoelctric Power-factor in Si nanowires

Atomistic modeling of thermoelectric
power factor in Si Nanowires
Abhijeet Paul and
Gerhard Klimeck


  • Atomistic effects on Themo-electric Power-Factor (PF)
    design in ultra-scaled SiNWs.

Silicon nanowire from Boukai et. al, Nature 2008,
ZT = 1.0 at 200K.


  • E(k) Atomistic sp3d5s* basis includes :
  • Crystal symmetry, Valley coupling.
  • Seebeck(S) and Conductance (G):
  • Landauer’s Method
  • PF = S2G
  • Consider [100], [110], [111] SiNWs.


  • Seebeck Coeff. shows strong directional dependence.
  • Result:

  • W and H less than 6nm improves PF.
  • [111] SiNW shows best ballistic PF.
  • Impact:

    Work Published in IEEE SNW, 2010 doi: 10.1109/SNW.2010.5562583

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