Robots At Your Fingertips

Prof. Ramani was a guest to Over Coffee Show, telling more about Ziro, flagship of Zero UI.

In this talk you can hear about:Capture2

How Zero UI’s user interface works;


The robots makers can create with the Ziro kit;

The materials used to create some of the robots on display;

How Professor Ramani decided to create the robotics kit;

Some of the ways the robots can be used, both for fun and practical purposes;

Some of Professor Ramani’s favorite experiences, as a maker, while creating the Ziro robotics kit;

Why the robotics kit may be especially fun at Halloween!

What’s included in the robotics kit;

How Professor Ramani wants to use Ziro to change the educational system;

Why future engineers of both genders may enjoy creating with the kit;

Why Professor Ramani sees a “play first” approach as essential to real-world education.


You can listen the talk by clicking the play button below.

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