Welcome to the ME553 Homepage!

ME553 is a graduate-level product design course taught every Spring Semester at Purdue University School by Prof. Karthik Ramani, the Donald W. Feddersen Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Central to the course is a semester-long team project. Students work in multi-functional teams to apply methods learned on a specific, team-chosen design project. This includes but is not necessarily limited to concept generation, product definition, prototyping and design verification. You can see examples of past projects by navigating through the website toolbar.

For more detailed information about course structure and assignments, please see the Course Documents page.

Course Themes and Topics

- Design Thinking
- Blue Ocean Strategy
- User-centric Design
- Empathic Design
- Business Model Generation
- Bottom of the Pyramid
- Value Engineering
- Storyboarding
- Visual Thinking
- Sketching & Diagramming
- Sketching User Experiences
- Creativity & Play
- Intellectual Property
- Guided Concept Generation
- Product Platforms & Architecture

Featured Past Projects

TAD - Tabletop Assistive Droid

The Integrated Kitchen