Research Facilities and Services


The PUR-1 facility and staff can assist with many custom nuclear irradiation and experimental needs. The reactor has a maximum thermal neutron flux of 2.1×1010 n/cm2·s. There are several dry irradiation tubes with a maximum size of 3.5″. There are also irradiation ports within the graphite reflector surrounding the core that can be used for fueled experiments.

Detection and Spectroscopy

Our facility offers a wide array of detector types and capabilities. HPGe, NaI, He-3, and many more.

Nuclear Material

The lab manages an inventory of low enriched nuclear fuel that can be used for various uses. Feel free to reach out for more information 

Subcritical Pile

The subcritical pile is a nuclear reactor that operates conceptually different than conventional reactors. Conventional reactors are capable of producing a self-sustaining nuclear fission reaction, while the subcritical pile must rely on an external neutron source to maintain a nuclear reaction. 

Want More Information? 

Please email the Reactor Supervisor True Miller ( for more information or reach out using the Contact Us page.