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Professor Sivanandan Harilal Receives the Paul C. Zmola Scholar of Nuclear Engineering Award

Professors Harilal and Hassanein
Ahmed Hassanein, Paul L. Wattelet Professor and Head of the School of Nuclear Engineering, presents the Paul C. Zmola Scholar of Nuclear Engineering Award to Professor Sivanandan Harilal

Paul C. Zmola (BSME '44, MSME '47, PhD '50) established this award in 2007 to advance nuclear engineering research at Purdue. “Purdue is a ‘let’s build something’ type of school,” Zmola is famous for saying. Professor Harilal is living proof of that ongoing legacy.

Sivanandan Harilal, Research Assistant Professor receives this award for his outstanding contribution to the Center for Materials Under eXtreme Environment, (CMUXE). In only 18 months, Professor Harilal helped to create new laboratories and to significantly enhance CMUXE. Research conducted in these laboratories leads to advancements in nuclear forensic health sciences, sources for biomedical imaging, semiconductors and other advancements.

Professor Harilal's awards exceed $1.5 million. CMUXE combines state-of-the-art computational and experimental methods to advance basic and applied knowledge for fusion, laser and discharge produced plasma, lithography, nuclear and high energy physics, and other applications.

Several research professors, research scientists as well as more than a dozen undergrad and graduate students are involved in research in these laboratories.  

The Paul C. Zmola Nuclear Engineering Scholar Award is intended to be used to support Professor Harilal’s research in CMUXE, is renewed each year for two years, and is for a total of three-years.

Zmola's philosophy was simple: “What strikes me as especially important to understand about the potential of nuclear power is that these energy systems are not just technical, they’re environmental, political, and perceptual as well.”

Patrick Kelly contributed to this story.