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Center for Materials Under eXtreme Environment (CMUXE)


Center for Materials under eXtreme Environment

Center for Materials under extreme environments (CMUXE) is a research unit at Purdue University aimed at promoting nuclear, material science, plasma research and education. Members of CMUXE perform basic and applied research in wide variety of interdisciplinary fields. The major thrust area is the interactions of high-intensity, modulated energy beams: electromagnetic radiation, plasma, electrons, ions and other particle sources (i.e. clusters, molecules) with matter. The CMUXE combines both advanced integrated computational tools, i.e., HEIGHTS simulation package and state-of-the art experimental devices.


Professor Ahmed Hassanein named as a fellow of Optical Society of America.

Dr. Prasoon Diwakar, Justin Freeman, and Nicole Lahaye are selected for the Society of Applied Spectroscopy Early Career Researcher Award. More

Tatyana Sizyuk Elected to IEEE Executive Committee of the NPSS. More

CMUXE graduate student TJ Novakowski received three-year NEUP graduate fellowship. More

CMUXE graduate student Amina Hussein awarded SPIE optics and photonics education scholarship. More

CMUXE article has been selected for Physics of Plasmas Editor's choice 2012. More

Justin Freeman received the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) Graduate Scholarship Award. More

Professor Hassanein receives the 2013 IEEE prestigious Merit Award. More

Purdue–PIRE Project holds first meeting on Jan. 28, 2013. More

Justin Freeman won the FACSS graduate student poster award (2012 SciX conference, Kansas City). More

Peter deVietien won the FACSS undergraduate student poster award (2012 SciX conference, Kansas City). More

Prof. Hassanein has been elected as a fellow of ANS. More

Brandon Verhoff won best material science paper award at the annual ANS Student Conference held in Las Vegas (April 2012) 

Professor Ahmed Hassanein has been elected as a fellow of IEEE. More..

Professor Valeryi Sizyuk has been elected as a senior Member of SPIE. link

Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry latest issue (July 2011) cover page features CMUXE results. link

Purdue University & CMUXE hosted ICOPS 2011. More..

Professor Ahmed Hassanein has been awarded the distinction of Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Professor Ahmed Hassanein has been named a Fellow of SPIE for his acheivements in the development of EUV light soruces for lithography More

Dr. Harilal received the Paul C. Zmola Scholar of Nuclear Engineering Award. More

Nuclear fusion research key to advancing computer chips. More...

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