Doctor of Philosophy Program

This program is open to students who have successfully earned their master's degrees or are enrolled in our master's program and have successfully completed the requirements for our 'Direct Ph.D. Program'. Requirements for a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering are listed below.

  • 48 credit hours of 500-600 level courses
    • NUCL 501 (Nuclear Engineering Principles) *
    • NUCL 504 (Nuclear Engineering Experiments)**
    • NUCL 510 (Nuclear Reactor Theory I)
    • NUCL 520 (Radiation Effects and Reactor Materials)
    • NUCL 551 (Mass, Momentum and Energy Transfer in Energy Systems)
    • NUCL 580 (Nuclear Engineering Technical Writing)***
    • 6 credit hours of mathematics/computer science courses
    • Additional courses deemed relevant by the student's faculty advisor
  • 42 credit hours of nuclear engineering research
  •   9 credit hours at the 600 level
* NUCL 501 is not required for students with an undergraduate nuclear engineering background
** NUCL 504 is not required for students with a B.S.N.E. from Purdue University
***Including 6 hours of approved math, computer science or other computational courses. *NUCL 580 is not included in the 24 hours of credit but is required to be listed on the plan of study