Radiation Shielding for Space Applications

 Increased understanding of space radiation environment, development of novel materials with better performance in various radiation fields, as well as an exponential development of computer hardware and improvements in computational models, allow for advances in designing the radiation shielding to meet dose limits for humans and equipment devices. However, there is no actual experience, evidence or the experimental verification of the designs for complex missions such as for example a man mission to Mars, or long stay at the surface of Moon. The state-of-the-art approach to missions to space were based on designing the craft and whole mission without taking into account the effect of space radiation. NASA is starting a new study related to analysis of the radiation shielding in space and solutions for lunar stay and maned mission to Mars. A number of numerical survey studies, experimental verifications and material analysis for space radiation shielding of man on his journey to Mars are conducted in our School.

Contact: Dr. Gennady Miloshevsky