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CiENS Hosts the 2023 Atoms for Humanity Symposium


To drive best energy research and education in the World.

About Us

CiENS is an innovation hub for energy programs and facilities advancing new concepts, techniques and methodologies for digitized large energy systems at various scales including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, neural networks and learning systems.

CiENS brings together a committed community of scholars to critically examine, develop, and integrate emerging and future energy research aiming at Net Zero by 2050. A wide range of technological domains find common ground on decarbonization and digitization of energy, including power and chemical plants, avionics, semiconductor manufacturing, transportation systems, specialty steel production, and other manufacturing industries.

New direct access opportunities for academic, federal, and industrial scientists and engineers to the latest facilities and research in the intelligent systems applications to large energy systems. Of particular interest is the transfer of new knowledge and research findings to scientific, engineering and technical personnel, as well as to non-technical decision makers. CiENS industrial visitors program serve as the bridge of disseminating new ideas to industry.



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