Advanced Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (ART) Laboratory

Welcome to the Advanced Reactor Thermal-hydraulics (ART) Laboratory at Purdue University. We perform research in the area of nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and two-phase flow. More specifically, we design and perform scaled experiments, model multiphase flow phenomena, develop advanced two-phase flow instrumentation, and apply computational methods for multiphase analysis. Some of the research topics of interest include: Two-phase flow analysis and interfacial area transport models in various orientations, restrictions, and sizes, nuclear reactor safety analysis, advanced flow instrumentation, reactor systems analysis codes, liquid metal reactors, gas-cooled reactors, and CFD analysis.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Seungjin Kim ( for addtional information.


ART Research presented at the 2024 ANS Student Conference

ART research presented at the ANS Student Conference at Pennsylvannia State Universtiy, PA

Graduate student Zhengting Quan selected for FY24 Employee Recognitition Departmental Achievements

Zhengting Quan, a graduate student in the School of Nuclear Engineering, has been recognized for dedication and exemplary work for the department.

ART Research presented at the 2023 ANS Winter Meeting

ART members present their research at the ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, DC

ART Research presented at NURETH-20

Several members of ART presented their research at the 20th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-20) Meeting in Washington, D.C.