ENGR Teams

Description of Project:
This project is designed to help 200 teachers develop engineering design-based curricular units for each of the major science topic areas within the Minnesota State Academic Science Standards, as well as data analysis and measurement standards for grades 4-8. With focus on vertical alignment and transition from upper elementary to middle-level, this project will impact at least 15,000 students over the life of the grant.

Research Question:
What are the effects of engineering design pedagogies and curricula combined with a strong coaching model on student learning in science, data analysis, measurement, process skills, and critical thinking?

Project Website:

Project Funding:
National Science Foundation Grant No. DUE - 1238140

Lead Principal Investigator: Dr. Tamara J. Moore
Co-Principal Investigators: Paul Imbertson, Marshall Davis, Selcen Guzey, Gillian Roehrig

Project Director: Cynthia Stevenson
Project Coordinator: Kelly Auxier
Event Coordinator: Barbara Wojcik

Technical Assistance:
ECSU/GRO: Julie Frame
ECSU/GRO: Jean Jordan
ECSU/GRO: Jane Holmberg

School District Partners:
South Washington County: Emily Larsen
Saint Paul: Molly Leifeld, Marshall Davis
North St. Paul: Sharon Burrell
Minneapolis: Elizabeth Stretch, Charlene Ellingson

Lead Evaluator: Timothy Sheldon
Evaluator: Delia Kundin