Snap Circuits MyHome Plus

Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 108
Price: $129.99
Year Added: 2022
Snap Circuits MyHome Plus
For many years now, the Snap Circuits line of toys has been fantastic for learning and practicing circuitry and other engineering concepts, and Snap Circuits MyHome Plus is no exception.

Using home electronics –  something many children are exposed to from a young age – as a conduit, children are taught the basics of circuits, wiring, and electricity. The instruction guide offers instructions for designs from basic to advanced levels of understanding, allowing this toy to grow with a child and provide years of usage and entertainment. Additionally, children are encouraged to practice iterative design to perfect what they build while using creative thinking and design processes to create their own devices using the provided parts. Even teenagers can enjoy this kit by attempting more complex designs and developing complicated prototypes. This toy encourages endless play while quietly introducing crucial engineering basics. - A.R. Miller, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Engineering Tools and Processes (ETool)
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts (ISI)
Processes of Design (POD)
Spatial Reasoning
Apply SEM Knowledge (SEM)

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