2 in 1 Remote Control Green Speed Racer Building Set

Lower Age: 6
Upper Age: 12
Website: https://kididdousa.com/products/remote-control-off-road-speed-racer
Price: $39.99
Year Added: 2022
2 in 1 Remote Control Green Speed Racer Building Set
This 2-in-1 building set from Kididdo walks the user through building a ‘speed racer’ remote-controlled vehicle.

The set comes in two colors (red and green) and can be personalized with provided decorative stickers. While the instructions do not ask the user to create their own designs, the directions help develop spatial reasoning skills and build a foundational understanding of design concepts.

Discovering how pieces fit together to promote structural stability and functionality is an important process that develops engineering thinking. - K. R. Schieltz, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Processes of Design (POD)
Spatial Reasoning

Moore, T.J., Glancy, A.W., Tank, K.M., Kersten, J.A., Smith, K.A., & Stohlmann, M.S. (2014). A framework for quality K-12 engineering education: Research and development. Journal of Precollege Engineering Education Research, 4(1), 1-13.