Erturk Deger

(BSIE 1966, MSIE 1968)
Outstanding Industrial Engineer (2019)
Erturk Deger is Chairman of Degere International Trading. Degere specializes in foreign trade of non-ferrous metals, crude oil, and petroleum products. The Degere Group has also made investments in the area of logistics and communications with the aim of developing international trade and overcoming logistical obstacles. Erturk frequently made strategic partnerships with private and public entities. After aiding then-new Kazakhstan grow their trade, Deger was appointed Kazakhstan's Honorary Consul in Istanbul by the Kazakh President until the country's own consulate was created. Mr. Deger contributed both politically and economically to the realization of the Baku-Ceylan Oil Pipeline project and served on the board of directors of the American-Turkish Council in the 1990's. He strengthened economic relations between Turkey and the U.S., the Middle Eastern countries, and the Russian Federation and Turkic Republics. Prior to founding Degere, he worked at RCA Electronics, returned to Turkey in 1975 to fulfil his military service obligation, and aspired to contribute to the Turkish national economy - a dream fulfilled. Erturk has received much recognition for his philanthropy and civic duties. He has been part of a variety of social responsibility projects, a highlight was setting up a technology classroom in the name of his elementary school teacher. Deger earned his BS and MS degrees at Purdue's School of Industrial Engineering and an MBA at Butler University.