Byoung K. Choi

(PhD 1982)
Outstanding Industrial Engineer (2017)
Dr. Byoung K. Choi received his BS from Seoul National University, his MS from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and his PhD from Purdue in 1982, all in IE. He joined the IE Department at KAIST in early 1983 and retired in late 2014. During his 32 years of tenure, Prof. Choi devoted himself to geometric modeling for CAD/CAM as well as to system modeling & simulation (M&S). He published four books (two in English and two in Korean) and founded a spin-off venture ( in the CAD/CAM area, and published two additional books (in English and Korean each) and a spin-off venture ( in the M&S area. He has been recognized for his academic and industrial contributions with: the IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award (Korea's leading industrial technology award); the Korea Engineering Award from the President of Korea (the most prestigious award bestowed on selected engineering professors for their contributions to Korean industries); a Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson ISI; the Technology Innovation Award from the President of KAIST; and the Alumnus-of-the-Year Award from the KAIST Alumni Association. He was a visiting professor at Purdue in 1988 and at UNH in 1996, and a distinguished adjunct professor at KAU, Saudi Arabia, during 2012-2014. Among his professional services are: provost and vice president of KAIST; vice president of ABEEK (Accreditation Board of Engineering Education in Korea); and president of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers. Currently, Dr. Choi serves as the CEO of the nonprofit organization HANMAUM Education Corps, which provides educational services to multi-cultural families in Korea. He also teaches a course each semester at KAIST as an Emeritus Professor of Industrial Engineering.