Pradeep Tripathi

Outstanding Industrial Engineer (2015)
Pradeep Tripathi has been an entrepreneur and inventor for the past 20 years. He has significant experience with automotive, medical and large scale IT networks and has numerous patents, in areas ranging from analytical measurements to pattern recognition for determining health of systems using available data. He is the previous Founder of SysTech International, a technology leader in the automotive environmental marketplace that was acquired by the Opus Group, a publicly traded company in Sweden. Prior to SysTech, he founded Tri-Path Consulting and GenTech, both successful organizations. In addition, he started a non-profit entity, the Poonam Tripathi Foundation, which provides non-formal education, nourishment, health care and sanitation for poor children in India. Recently Pradeep embarked on a new venture, a heath care technology company, Nexus Clinical, which provides solutions for physicians. He plans to contribute most of his Nexus Clinical's profits to philanthropic causes. His Industrial Engineering background has guided his focused approach throughout his career on efficiently building startup organizations, for profit and non-profit, from inception to success.