Pedro P. Granadillo

(BSIE 1970)
Distinguished Engineering Alumnus (2001)
Senior Vice President
Human Resources and Manufacturing
Eli Lilly and Company
For his outstanding accomplishments both in achieving significant improvements in manufacturing and in the development of human resources within a premier pharmaceutical company.
Outstanding Industrial Engineer (1998)
Vice President, Human Resources
Eli Lilly and Company
"There are four themes that I can draw from my industrial engineering education which have helped me in facing the professional challenges over the last twenty-eight years. First, is the discipline to analyze and solve complex problems, learning from each experience what's required for continual improvement. Next, is taking a "systems or holistic" approach to problem solving. Third, is the importance of considering the "people" implications of all business solutions and fourth is the thirst to find better ways of doing things and to inspire others in the same quest."