IE431 Capstone Students Present Posters

The spring 2023 IE431 Capstone Poster Session took place recently at the Purdue Co-Rec feature gym.
Team 20 was one of two teams that earned first place honors in the recent capstone poster session.
Team 20, consisting of Bryan Denmark, Diana Humbert, Maddie Hahn, Isabella Henley, Chirag Nimani, and Vitor Carvalho. The group was honored with first place for their work with PepsiCo. 

Over thirty teams presented their posters to judges, which included IE faculty and representatives from industry, as part of their capstone project.  A wide variety of businesses took part in the capstone projects this year, ranging from local schools to businesses like Hewlett Packard and PepsiCo. 

The peoples choice award went to Team 16 (Newbury Franklin Industrials), which consisted of Andrew Liff, Kyle Bickel, Carson Fenton, Max Hall, Krisha Agarwal and Michael Couloucoundis. Their poster can be viewed here

In an unusual twist there were multiple ties.  Tied for third place were Team 11 (Integra Life Sciences) for their work on development of an ergonomic scraper handle  used in the process of porcine organ tissue extraction. The members of Team 11 were Ashwin Madhavan, Raymond Shreve, Josep Sendra, Amoghkumar Karanth, Ian Flude and Collin Tofts. Team 13 (Leadership Southern Indiana) earned third place honors as well, for their development of a digital dashboard to be used by the non-profit organization.  Rachael Snow, Emily Horst, Raghu Kumar and Ruhara Perera made up team 13. 

First place resulted in a tie between Team 20 (PepsiCo) and Team 23 (Purdue Dining)

Team 20 (pictured above) worked with PepsiCo on a project to optimize the fuel economy of tractor trailers and straight trucks in the PepsiCo fleet. The project focused on middle-mile vehicles, which range in 350-700 mile trips. Team 23 (pictured below) analyzed storage space for the Wiley Dining Court here at Purdue in order to improve the ability to produce more meat products as the number of meal plan visitors is projected to increase by 41% in the next 10 years. 

Team 23, Purdue Dining, earned first place honors at the recent capstone poster session.
Team 23, also earned first place for their poster and their work with Purdue Dining. Members of the team were Francisca Mercado, Danaé Meyers, Bruno Poloni, Matthew Rach, Elizabeth Schulz and Bridget Sweeney.  

Congratulations to all of the teams on all of their hard work and dedication throughout the semester!

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