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Purdue Grad School showcases Wachs research

Photo of Juan Wachs
Juan Wachs (Photo by Sebastián Campanario, La Nacion)
Purdue IE's Juan Pablo Wachs is leaving his footprints in the AI industry by bridging the gap between humanity and technology with his research in supervised autonomy.

Wachs, the James A. and Sharon M. Tompkins Rising Star Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, works on simplifying human-robot interaction in healthcare domains. His research relates to artificial intelligence and health and longevity, two of Purdue's four themes during its 150th anniversary celebration, Take Giant Leaps.

"We try to come up with new ways and new approaches to make the work of humans and robots easier, especially in domains of hospitals, surgeries, and all these types of complex interactions," said Wachs in a new video produced by the Purdue Graduate School.

Watch the video on Facebook:, also featuring IE graduate students Glebys Gonzalez, Naveen Madapana, and Edgar Rojas.

Read more about Wachs' research at his Intelligent Systems and Assistive Technologies Lab website.