STAR Project

Experimenting with augmented reality to improve the effectiveness of telementoring between surgeons.

Award Winning Paper

Maru Cabrera wins best presentation award at AAAI Conference

Assisting the Blind Process Visual Data

A real-time multimodal image perception system is developed to transform standard laboratory blood smear images for persons with BVI to perceive, employing a combination of auditory, haptic, and vibro-tactile feedbacks.

Vision-Based Robotic Arm for Operators with Upper Limb Mobility Impairments

An integrated, computer vision-based system was developed to operate a commercial wheelchair-mounted robotic manipulator (WMRM).

Robot-assisted surgery (RAS)

We proposed an innovative control interface for robot-assisted surgery systems where the surgeon can perform freehand gestures to teleoperate the robot to conduct the surgery.

Welcome to the ISAT Lab!!!

The Intelligent Systems and Assistive Technologies Laboratory is run by Assistant Professor Juan P. Wachs and is associated with the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. The ISAT lab performs state-of-the-art research in machine vision specializing in the fields of intelligent systems and human-machine interfaces. Students work on a diverse projects ranging from designing visual algorithms that are capable of recognizing human body gestures to enabling robots to perform high level tasks with speed and efficiency even in complex environments.