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Students present undergrad research

Photo of HEAL participants at OUR Conference
HEAL participants at OUR Conference, including mentors Dr. Denny Yu (l), and PhD students Hamed Asadi (2nd from r), & Jackie Cha (r)
Photo of Albert Lee and Kaylee Ecker
Kaylee Ecker and Albert Lee at
OUR Conference
Six IE undergraduates presented their research projects at the 2019 Office of Undergraduate Research Conference.
  • Haozhi Chen  - "An analysis of care coordination tools in the electronic health record for children with medical complexity: a pilot study";  Research Mentor: Dr. Denny Yu
  • Kaylee Ecker & first year engineering student Albert Derek Lee - "Recliner for your Arms: Towards Exoskeletons in Surgery"; Research Mentor: Jackie Cha, PhD student in Yu's Healthcare Ergonomics Analytics Lab (HEAL)
  • Megan Lyons - "Patient Centered Physical Ergonomics, Improving Healthcare with Each Day"; Research Mentors: Dr. Denny Yu & Linsey Steege of Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Laura Mudge & Fajar Ausri - "Wearable devices can measure your sweat output with electricity. Shocking, isn’t it?"; Research Mentor: Dr. Denny Yu
  • Rachel Harmon - "Objective Muscular Fatigue Analysis in Minimally Invasive Surgeries"; Research Mentor: Hamed Asadi, PhD student in Yu's HEAL group

Ecker and Lee won 3rd place for their poster among College of Engineering participants.

Sophomore Ecker said she learned how to perform content analysis using both inductive and deductive approaches. "I also learned a lot about exoskeletons, how they are currently being used in other fields, and how they can be beneficial to the healthcare field," she said.

Ecker and partner Lee interviewed members of surgical teams to learn more about the potential use of exoskeletons to relieve physical stress on medical personnel during surgery. The project recognized the exoskeletons' potential to decrease musculoskeletal symptoms, increase workforce retention, and improve workers' ergonomics during operations.

Two other non-IE students were mentored by IE faculty and graduate students:

  • Guoyang Zhou (electrical and computer engineering) - "A Computer Vision Approach For Estimating Force Exertion"; Research Mentors: Dr. Denny Yu and PhD student Hamed Asadi
  • Xinyi (Minnie) Tan - "Data Analysis and Simulation for Service Systems"; Research Mentor: Dr. Harsha Honnappa