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PurdueTHINK student consultants work with Purdue clients

Logo of PurdueThink
2018 PurdueTHINK Directors: (l to r)
Michele Gardner, Marek Davis,
Alex Kortepeter, John MaGee,
and Isabel Lien
Logo of PurdueThink
Founded by two IE undergraduates, PurdueTHINK student consultants take a new approach to solving the problems and challenges at Purdue University.

Senior IE students  Neale Moore and Sharanya Madhavan founded PurdueTHINK in August 2016 as a student consulting organization focused on building innovative solutions for Purdue student clubs and administrative groups.

"We bring together top students from across the University to form diverse consulting teams that work with our clients on projects ranging from organizational strategy to technical support to customer discovery," explained Moore. "PurdueTHINK exclusively works with clients that are internal to Purdue University. Our clients consist of student organizations, initiative teams, and the university administration."

Currently there are 18 members, including eight IE students. The club desires to have a diverse range of members in order to best consult the various types of organizations on campus. Current directors are: - Managing Director: John MaGee (IE); Director of Strategy: Alex Kortepeter (IE); Director of Operations: Marek Davis (IE); Director of Finance: Michele Gardner (Krannert); and Director of Marketing: Isabel Lien (Visual Communication Design).

"PurdueTHINK is important to us because it has allowed us to give back to Purdue," added Moore. "Through advising the university and some of the 1000 student organizations on campus, this group allows its members to apply strategy and innovative solutions to solve problems and make campus better."

Three of PurdueTHINK's current projects are :

  • Purdue Leadership and Professional Development Initiative (LPDI) - Creating communication channels and opportunities for students to learn and build on their strengths with Strength Finders and the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society.
  • Krannert School of Management & School of Management Council - Ensuring students are equipped with the skills that will propel their careers and centralizing the student experiences that will let these skills be applied.
  • Purdue Orbital - Developing sound business and operational strategies for a Purdue EPICS team and start-up to bring them closer to their goal of being the first University group to reach space.

"PurdueTHINK is an internal consulting group that helps other groups and organizations around campus, said Morgan Kuryla, IE academic advisor . "Students learn how to collaborate effectively in teams, apply coursework to a real-world setting, and use problem-solving techniques to implement sustainable improvements."

Interested? Visit the website or submit an interest form.


Writer: DeEtte Starr,