Pitts speaks on PPRI panel

Photo of Brandon Pitts as panelist
Panelist Brandon Pitts (center)
Photo of PPRI documents
Sign for PPRI workshop
Dr. Brandon Pitts spoke at an autonomous transportation panel during a lunch discussion hosted by Discovery Park’s Purdue Policy Research Institute (PPRI).
Pitts, assistant professor of industrial engineering, joined two other panelists at a CATV Ethics & Policy Workshop on the safety of connected and autonomous vehicles. The panel was part of PPRI's "Bringing Viable Alternatives to Wicked Problems" series, where speakers from a variety of disciplines discuss an issue from their field's perspective, followed by a question-and-answer session.
Pitts' research focuses on human factors, cognitive ergonomics/engineering, multisensory/multimodal information processing, human-automation interaction, adaptive displays, aging and technology, and engineering education.
Other panelists were Dr. John Lee, Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Purdue University faculty members Dr. Chris Yeomans, Dept. of Philosophy; and Dr. Marifran Mattson, Head of the Brian Lamb School of Communication.
The lunch discussion took place in the Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounges on November 17.
This workshop is aligned with Purdue's Giant Leaps Sesquicentennial Campaign and is part of the Ideas Festival theme, giant leaps in health, longevity and quality of life. The Ideas Festival is the centerpiece of the campaign and connects world-renowned speakers and Purdue expertise in a conversation on the most critical problems and opportunities facing the world.
Writer/Photographer: DeEtte Starr, starrd@purdue.edu