2018 Fall Senior Design Poster Competition

Photo of Dave Kotterman
IE Industry Relations Director Dave Kotterman oversaw the projects and
the competition
Photo of Nsikak Udo-Imeh and Maithilee Motlag
PhD students Nsikak Udo-Imeh (l) and Maithilee Motlag (r) assisted in the course
Students in the IE 431 Senior Design class presented their company project posters at an exhibition competition on December 6, 2018. Representatives from ten different companies attended and interacted with the students while reviewing the 15 posters on display in Grissom Hall's Peter Wang Student Excellence Center.

Faculty members judged the posters and a peer vote was taken by all those in attendance. First place was awarded to Team Buchanan, who optimized their laser etching operations, created a more efficient process and increased their daily throughput by over 90%. Team members are George Chien, Adam Goodman, Cassandra McCormack, Abby Trusler, and Lauren Werner

Second place was awarded to Team Endress+Hauser, who greatly improved the facilities inventory storage and material flow through decreasing route cycle time, increased manpower utilization and reduced non-value added work content. Team members are Kyu Chang Yeoun, Vincent Sandjaja, Simon Hoffman, Ashwin Venkateshan, and Deelaka Bandara

Third place was awarded to Team Bonnell (Niles, Michigan Facility) who greatly impacted the facility's packing capacity and improved throughput. Team members were Natalia Bak, Scott Blomberg, Joey Niederberger, Pablo Schwiep, and Jonathan Toong

In addition, a Peer Choice Award was won by Team Faurecia Seating, who created a pallet defect detection system to reduce downtime and improve productivity of its assembly line. Team members are Farhan Sohail, Aspasia Padgiotis, Kevin Chamberlin, Disha Anandpara and Qianlian Zheng.   

Congratulations to all the seniors who participated and provided a poster!

Photo of 1st Place Team Buchanan Photo of Team Endress+Hauser

(l) 1st Place - Team Buchanan; (r) 2nd Place - Team Endress+Hauser

 Team Bonnell AluminumPhoto of Peer Choice winner Team Faurecia

(l) 3rd Place - Bonnell Aluminum; (r) Peer Choice Award - Team Faurecia Seating

Writer & Photographer: DeEtte Starr, starrd@purdue.edu