2018 Capstone Project competition

Photo of IE 431 senior design competition
Purdue IE Industry Relations Director Dave Kotterman welcomes everyone to Capstone Senior Design competition
IE 431 Senior Design Capstone Project students not only learn about real-world business projects, but serve companies by providing practical recommendations for improvements.

This semester, about 150 students participated in Capstone Project teams, working on a wide variety of projects. On April 26, 31 student teams presented their finished research project posters at an exhibition with over 230 attendees, and four winning teams were announced. Students presented the final project posters to industry partners, IE faculty and grad students at the poster exhibition in Grissom's Wang Student Excellence Center. Three teams won and a Peer Choice Award was also given.Congratulations, seniors!


Photo of 1st place 2018 Team United Bulk Terminal   Photo of 2nd place 2018 Wabash National

(l) 1st Place - Team United Bulk Terminal; (r) 2nd Place - Team Wabash National

Photo of 3rd place 2018 Fine Hygienic Holding   Photo of Peer Choice CVS Pharma

(l) 3rd Place - Team Fine Hygienic Holding; (r) Peer Choice - Team CVS Pharma