PSC holds collaborative luncheon

Photo of Nancy Pelaez at PSC luncheon
Biology Assoc. Prof. Nancy Pelaez discusses RCNs at the PSC Collaboratory Luncheon
Photo of small group discussion
IE Prof. Barrett Caldwell & others discuss possible PSC direction
The Purdue Systems Collaboratory (PSC) held a collaborative luncheon on October 25. About 25 faculty members attended from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Purdue Libraries, and the Purdue Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Science.

The purpose of the event was to foster collaboration, connect colleagues, and begin brainstorming for unifying themes that can lead to a research platform or network. An overview presented the PSC's underlying principles:

  • enabling convergence of knowledge across disciplines
  • focusing on improving the human condition
  • identifying foundational principles of systems, similar to natural laws of the physical world
  • enabling every Purdue student, faculty and staff member to have a system perspective

The attendees also discussed recent activities such as developing systems courses with an SYS designator, exploring research opportunities, developing a possible systems certificate, forming sub-committees, and exploring partnerships with other universities and companies.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Nancy Pelaez explained the impact of current collaborations and the need to develop measures of impact for Research Coordination Networks (RCNs). She presented her model on the "Advancing Competencies in Experimentation - Biology (ACE-Bio) Network" (RCN-UBE # 1346567).

After lunch, the attendees met in small groups to discuss possible thematic areas for an RCN proposal around systems.

The PSC invites anyone in the Purdue community to join them as they continue to brainstorm about the PSC's possible future direction. For more information, contact PSC Research and Education Director Boshra Afra at or 496-8733.