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Students & industry partner = Capstone projects

Photo of 1st place - Team Janus
1st place, Team Janus Developmental Services: (l to r) Paulo Mesaros, Jianxing Wan, Raghav Gandhi, Zening Chen, Marcos Zatkulak, Faculty Mentor Brandon Pitts, Teaching Assistant Gaurav Nanda
Photo of 2nd place - Team VA Pharmacy
2nd place,: Team VA Pharmacy: (l to r) Leyla Acar-Miller, Jason Lloyd, Megan Nowak, Mayank Makkar, James Evans
Photo of 3rd place - Team Evonik
3rd place, Team Evonik: (l to r) Xinyue Ma, Jonah Mathieu, Jonathan Syers, Becca Sheehan and Jim Balow
Photo of Peer Choice - Team ConAgra Foods
Peer Choice, Team ConAgra Foods: (l to r) Mitchell Murphy, Mike Gienger, Swathi Kumar, Michael Moncure, Sindhura Burra
IE 431 Senior Design Capstone Project students not only learned about real-world business projects, but served companies by providing practical recommendations for improvements. Thirty-one student teams presented their finished research project posters at an exhibition on April 25, and four winning teams were announced.

About 157 students participated in the Capstone Project teams. They worked on a wide variety of projects, and presented the final project posters to industry partners, IE faculty and grad students last week.

Topics included studying the feasibility of and designing a work station for a hydroponic plant growth center; creating an optimal pharmacy layout with improved product flow; developing an ergonomic cleaning tool for a rotary vacuum dryer; evaluating, analyzing and giving recommendations on yield loss reduction within food manufacturing; implementing a scanning system; improving dishroom and customer service efficiency in catering and dining court providers; and creating a total plant requirements planning program.

Over 250 people attended the poster exhibition in Grissom's Wang Student Excellence Center. Earlier, each team presented their findings to company representatives. IE faculty and graduate students voted on the four best projects, and these teams won a cash prize for their work.

Twenty-two different companies attended, including the Montgomery County Health Department, FCA, ConAgra Foods, Endress+Hauser, Evonik Corporation, Purdue Dining Courts, IU Health, the Veterans Administration Hospital, Premier Auto Detailing, Marion Manufacturing, Newgistics, Janus Developmental Services, Phoenix Closures, Aurora Parts & Accessories, and several airline and retail grocery companies.

After an initial presentation to IE faculty and grad students in January 2017, the student teams worked all semester on the projects. The January poster session objective gave the students an opportunity to present their projects, get expert opinions from faculty members and graduate students, and find faculty with expertise or interest in the problem to mentor them throughout the semester. The April exhibition showcased the teams' findings.

"This senior class is exceptional and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them throughout their years here in IE," said IE Industry Relations Director Dave Kotterman. "I wish them all the best as they graduate, and based on their project results and their impactful work ethic, I know they all have the potential to be highly successful."

Photo of IE 431 TAs with Kotterman 

IE 431 TAs (l to r): Mojib Saied, Siyu Liu, & Ben Rachunok with Dave Kotterman

Photo of Megan Nowak of Team VA Pharmacy presenting  Photo of Team Endress & Hauser explaining poster 

(l) Megan Nowak of Team VA Hospital Pharmacy presenting

(r) Student explains poster to Emily Martin, Endress+Hauser's team lead for Industrial Engineering

 Photo of Dave Kotterman, guests & teams  

Industry Relations Director Kotterman introduces guests & teams

Writer/Photographer: DeEtte Starr,