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Welcome! We’re always happy to welcome our alumni and friends back to the School of Industrial Engineering for a visit—in person or virtually! We’re here for you, so please let us know if you have a suggestion, request or any other feedback. Keep your contact information current, connect with us on social media, and contact our development director to see how you can be a part of Purdue IE’s future.

Featured Alum

Introducing Patti Poppe (MSIE 1991, BSIE 1989)

CMS Energy President & CEO Patti Poppe credits her Purdue IE educa­tion with helping her get to where she is today. “Purdue IE prepared me with fundamental skills upon which I still rely - basic scientific problem-solving, how to ask a lot of questions and keep learning, how to continuously improve any organization, and how to work together with other talented and capable people,” she says.

Poppe chose to study industrial engineering because she wanted to work with people rather than machines. She encourages IE students to find their passion, figure out how to apply their industrial engineering talents to it, and to be curious about future possibilities. “Life can be a joyous adventure if you bias your career toward what you love doing,” she advises.

Poppe believes the “new” Grissom Hall will better prepare students. “The col­laborative spaces in Grissom Hall are the perfect training grounds to learn how to work in teams,” she says. “We expect new college graduates to come with that as a prerequisite.”

“My Purdue IE degrees are a true point of pride for me,” Poppe states. “Purdue IE is leading the charge in making a difference in the areas that matter the most, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.”