Completion Guidelines for (Thesis) Master's Degree 

This Completion Guidelines information is merely designed as a guide to provide general information. Please consult with your major professor(s) for current guidance on how to satisfy these requirements.

Semester 1

  • Thesis Advisor is pre-assigned. Thesis Advisor may be listed as Major Professor or Major Advisor in other departments.
  • Please use the first semester to confirm that you and your advisor are comfortable with the arrangement.

Semester 2

  • Prepare a Plan of Study (POS) with Thesis Advisor, selecting an Advisory Committee and courses.
  • See IE Master’s Thesis Plan of Study Requirements for more information on completing a Plan of Study. Changes to a Plan of Study can be filed as many as times as necessary to update the information such as courses, concentration, and advisory committee.

Semester 3

  • Submit your Plan of Study as final so it can be fully approved. If you fail to file POS on time, a late fee may be assessed by the Graduate School.
  • To view more information on deadlines administered by the Graduate School, see the Graduate School Deadline Calendar

Final Semester

  • Declare Candidacy by notifying IE Graduate Office. If you fail to declare candidacy by the deadline, a $200 late fee will be applied by the Graduate School.
  • Schedule your Master's Thesis Final Examination. For specific details on final examinations, read the Master’s Thesis Final Examination Guidelines.
  • Schedule your thesis deposit appointment as early as possible. For more information, see Thesis/Dissertation Office.


  • A Commencement tab will be added on your myPurdue when you successfully declare candidacy. Please see Commencement for more information.