Plan of Study Requirements for Non-Thesis Master's Degree

A Plan of Study (POS) is required by the Graduate School Office for all graduate students. Review the following items to complete a POS successfully.

Verify all admission conditions are satisfied

Review your admission letter for details.

Minimum of 30 credit hours

  • A grade of C or better on every course listed in the plan of study and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better on all courses listed in the Plan of Study.

  • At least 21 credit hours of IE courses

  • At least 9 credit hours of course work recommended from a related area. Typical related areas for the courses may be:

    • other engineering disciplines

    • mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, biology

    • psychology, sociology

    • economics, management

  • Pre-approval is required for non-IE courses that are not on the related areas list and also for 1-credit courses

Courses NOT allowed on the Plan of Study

  • P/NP or S grade courses

  • Zero credit courses

The Advisory Committee 

  • Shall consist of one Chair

NOTE: Changes to a Plan of Study can be filed as many as times as necessary to update the information such as courses, concentration, and advisory committee.