Tompkins Learning Center

The Tompkins Learning Center is Grissom Hall’s hub for teaching assistant (TA) support for both undergraduate and graduate students. Private TA rooms with scheduled support times for the various classes give student the opportunity to learn in a small group environment. Also equipped with teaming areas and specialized computing support, this area greatly enhances the students’ ability to succeed.

This Learning Center is made possible by a gift from Jim and Shari Tompkins. Jim (BSIE ’69, MSIE ’70, PhDIE ’72) and Shari have been supporters of Purdue IE for many years. This gift is only one example of their longstanding dedication and commitment to the teaching and learning of students, faculty, and staff of the Purdue University School of Industrial Engineering.

Jim & Shari Tompkins  Tompkins Learning Center

(l) Shari & Jim Tompkins; (r) group area and TA rooms of the Tompkins Learning Center